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Central Oceanus Procellarum
(Ocean of Storms)
near Crater C.V. Raman

India Flag Icon NOTE: This form is for purchasing property on the Moon for RESIDENTS OF INDIA or INDIAN CITIZENS ONLY.


CV Raman Crater Location On The Moon PROPERTY DESCRIPTION: This tract, listed as "Storms Raman A," is located in the east-central section of the Oceanus Procellarum (Ocean of Storms) and derives its name from its proximity to the Crater Raman, which honors the Indian physicist and Nobel laureate Sir Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman, F.R.S., Kt., B.R. (1888-1970).
Also located nearby in this unique region are the major Crater Aristarchus (40 km diameter) and the magnificent Vallis Schröteri (Schröter's Valley), the largest sinuous valley on the Moon, and the only formation of this type that can be viewed from Earth with a small telescope. The craters Herodotus (35 km) and Schiaparelli (24 km) flank the tract to the east and west, respectively.

AVAILABILITY: At issuance, 8,800 hectares of land were included in the original tract, equivalent to 88 square kilometers (km²) or 21,745 acres. A private reserve offering was made prior to public sale which resulted in 16,800 acres being claimed. The remaining 4,945 acres (about 2000 hectares) are included in the current claim offering to the public.

PRICING: Single acres are offered currently at ₹515 (INR), or about US$8 at current market exchange rates. Pricing is discounted on purchases of multiple acres in a single transaction.

DELIVERY: Your personalized property ownership documents are available as a PDF (eDocs) copy via email with no additional fee, generally within one business day. Delivery via standard International First Class Mail or expedited Global Priority is available at an additional fee. Express delivery is not currently offered.

PAYMENT METHODS: All major credit and debit cards are accepted. We also welcome payment via Apple Pay and Bitcoin.

TERMS: Payment must accompany purchase. Funds may be converted or denominated in $US or €EU. Installment payments are offered on purchases of 500 or more acres only.

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1 acre in the Ocean of Storms for ₹515 (INR)

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5 acres in the Ocean of Storms for ₹1715.00 (INR) SAVE 33%

10 acre estate in the Ocean of Storms for ₹3090.00 (INR) SAVE 40%

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