India/South Asia Luna Society Ambassador

NASA Crows Landing Entrance
The future home of the Luna Society at NASA Crows Landing, California

LUNA SOCIETY INTERNATIONAL, a leading space advocacy group promoting privatized exploration and development of Earth’s Moon, is seeking an independent person to serve as our ambassador and representative in India.

The preferred candidate must reside in India, and must demonstrate substantial fluency in English and Hindi and/or other local and regional languages.

The preferred candidate must have an interest in and affinity for space-related projects, and specifically the potential of exploring and developing Earth’s Moon and its resources.

This position should be considered part-time only, but may lead to full-time employment in the future.


Serve as local ambassador and representative to our growing membership base in India and South Asia, and assist in introducing Luna Society India to a broader audience.

Serve as liaison to local Luna Society members, the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO), TeamIndus, and other private space exploration groups based in India.

Assist in translating our English-language website, as well as news articles, marketing materials and press releases, into Hindi.

Assist us in raising India into a leading position in the race to explore and develop the Moon and its resources.


Monthly stipend plus commission.

Estimated pay is US$100 per month (about ₹6,500 INR), plus a monthly commission that may be upwards of ₹32,500 per month, in addition to the guaranteed monthly fee.


For contact information, please download the PDF by clicking here.


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